Amuse's Price Match Guarantee

Did you find a better price somewhere else?

It happens. Usually right after you place your order. Lucky for you, we’ll gladly match the competitor’s price, and you have fourteen (14) calendar days after your purchase to do so!


Identical to the competitor's product.

The product must be a matching brand, product name, size (by quantity, volume, or weight, as applicable), and have a cannabinoid percentage within 10% to qualify. Qualifying products will be determined at Amuse's sole discretion.

Immediately available at a qualifying online retailer for delivery to your address.

We will match the following online retailers: Eaze, Grassdoor, Hyperwolf or Emjay.*

Does not include special promotions or other exclusions.

Clearance, closeout, rewards, rebates, coupon, liquidation sales, damaged, storewide or category promotions, offers advertised as % or $ off, special daily or hourly sales, bundle discounts and other special promotions including but not limited to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 4/20, Green Wednesday do not qualify.

How It Works

  1. Go ahead and place your order. If you find, or already have found a lower price, you have fourteen (14) calendar days after the date of your purchase to claim your price match. To submit a price match guarantee claim, please email or visit our help center. Please include the URL, screenshot and/or any other details in your message.

  2. Upon verification by customer service, Amuse will match the price in the form of a coupon code that can be used on future purchases. The coupon code will be equal to Amuse’s price minus the competitor’s price rounded up to the nearest dollar. The code will be sent to the e-mail address on your account.

  3. You have up to 90 calendar days from the date the promo code is issued to redeem the price match discount on a future purchase.

Amuse reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Price Match Guarantee at any time without notice but will honor any eligible price matching requests for an item purchased from Amuse prior to the date the Price Match Guarantee is discontinued.

*Amuse is not affiliated with Eaze, Grassdoor, Hyperwolf or Emjay.