Forbidden Fruit 28g

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Forbidden Fruit is often the sweetest, and this strain is no exception. This Cherry Pie / Tangie cross is a mixture of musky, sweet cherry undertones with loud tropical flavors. Notes of pine also seep in to help ground the sweetness, and you’ll feel this one in your body instantly. Known for its deep relaxation properties, there’s nothing forbidden about how peaceful you’ll feel after hitting this one.

About the brand

Old Pal

Classic, Shareable Cannabis

Accessible, affordable, and abundant, Old Pal’s vision is simple: It’s just weed, y’all. Neighbor grown and meant to be shared, our cannabis is all natural, sun-kissed, and rain-watered. Old Pal is an ode to simpler times, when weed was just weed and joints were passed around to old pals and new ones. When neighbors knew each other by name and community meant something. So grab a bag of Old Pal and pass it around. It’s time we took care of each other.
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