Spiked Punch Infused Pre Roll 5 Pack

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Unlike a mystery drink poured by a stranger at a house party, this infused pre-roll offers a clear headed euphoria and zero hangover. Its funky, fruity flavor may harken back to a strong beverage but you’ll be able to savor every precious moment. Whether you’re enjoying a solo sesh or chilling with your buds, Spiked Punch is a delicious addition to any good time.

About the brand

Glass House Farms


In the 1960’s, Dutch Farmers arrived in the Carpinteria Valley and quickly recognized its ideal climate for growing flowers. Here in the fertile soil and plentiful sunshine of the Central Coast, they grew flowers that were too delicate to import from their native Holland, bringing a familiar beauty to the region. Today, we harness the perfect coastal environment of Carpinteria to grow another kind of flower, and in doing so, we aim to continue the region’s history of bringing joy from the earth to consumers across the state.
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